Nourishes the skin of the whole body

If you can, relax
Ideally Combine business with pleasure - enjoy a bath with a moisturizing agent, nourishing shower gel and body lotion in the shower.
While nourishes the skin of the whole body from the outside, you relax, and help to its internal regeneration.

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"When you're exhausted, because the nutrients penetrate into the deeper layers of the skin much more difficult
Moreover Stress hormones weaken the protective barrier of the skin, this will be irritated and dry," says dermatologist Yvonne Berger from BCD Clinic.
Around 2% of all power to women then makes surgery Labia pasty or labia.
For men, the second most popular surgery Otoplasty (correction of the position of the ears), followed by women as well as liposuction
Ranking the top performance in men concluded gynecomastia male breast modeling. Less popular with men enjoying nose surgery, circumcision, and face-lift
"The aesthetic plastic surgery is traditionally most interested adjustments in the face, parts of which represent sexual attractiveness.
Many women and men currently put higher demands on appearance. Reason the development of social life, changes in professional and private needs and most importantly feeling greater confidence and a healthy self-esteem, which is derived from the belief in easier and success, as well as a feeling of total satisfaction, "commented the results of President Society of Aesthetic Surgery Margaret Dubcek.

When the skin reduces the production of lipids

"When the outdoor temperature falls below 8 ° C, the sebaceous glands in the skin reduces the production of lipids to a minimum," explains Monika
Therefore, it argues, should be used in freezing weather greasy, nourishing and protective skin cream, of course, with regard to skin type. "Denser creams generally protects the skin from cold and better maintain skin moisture," he adds.
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Pay attention to hands and lips
Red lip area no sebaceous or sweat glands does not, and therefore suffer during the winter, says dermatologist.
Make desiccated and cracked, it is argued it can be avoided easily, "Nourishing lip balm should be part of every lady's handbag." We add that the fragrant and tasty lip balm is easy in winter to create a healthy addiction.
The approaching winter calls for change - not just in the closet, but also in everyday skin care.
Nourishing shower gel Winter Care, Dove, 250 ml for 69.90 USD
Nourishing body lotion in the shower Use it to shower gel and well ...Regeneration bath additive, goat whey. No worries, smells very...
"In winter hands frequently observed over-dried and cracked spines. Someone also cracking of the skin around your nails, and gives rise to painful fissures," stated Monika
Her advice is to use moisturizing creams and preventive expose to freezing hands.
Once cooled, consistently wear gloves . Touch screen phones will have to wait.

Quick-drying varnishes dry up even faster

Quick-drying varnishes dry up even faster! Bottle of varnish always carefully
A buy it rather frequently and in a smaller package.
Lipsticks and glosses have a shelf life of up to half a year to 3 years. The higher the fat content, and contain the greater are caring effect, the shorter the lifetime.
Ingredients may gradually become rancid. If lipstick and dry is high time to put an end to it and buy a new one.
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Gloss applicator has a disadvantage in that in it during its application receiving debris.
So you had it and after six months to replace. Lipsticks and glosses always close the well and store the dry, cold and dark.
Good advice above gold:
The ideal storage conditions for cosmetics are between 15-20 ° C. Cosmetic preparations certainly not in the box with built-in electric light - the light bulb is quite a lot of heat.

Always store your cosmetics away from direct sunlight and all the boxes, tubes and vials tightly. To extend their shelf life
The little-used products or products with a long life can just barely remember when you open it. It is ideal to make a note on the product the date when you first used it. This will help you in deciding on disposal :-)
It sure is a beauty product in order, you will know just by looking and mostly by smell. If its color and consistency changes, or starts to smell unattractive, do not use it and replace it with a new one.
Never in any cosmetic product, do not add any liquid, if you do not request the manufacturer instructions.

autumn preparation for snow and frost

Winter hair does not indicate - take care of them today
Summer is long gone, and our hair waiting for winter - it does not benefit them or a little more than heat and sunstroke. And autumn is the time when his mane for something you can do to make it to spring not only beautiful to look at, but also healthy.
Winter hair does not indicate - take care of them today
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Autumn preparation for snow and frost
If you have not yet gotten to it, it's time to do something (in hair care, the same rules for women as for men).
Summer sun dried hair, rinse in salt or pool water treated with chlorine is also, and the result is dull, limp hair with split ends.
Worse on it is wavy hair, which spawns more of them than the smooth, straight.
Often they appear as dandruff, hair break and at best, despite all efforts are "only" and flying around his head in all directions.
If you go to the hairdresser regularly, it will not fall regeneration of hair no problem: expert knows what type of hair you have, and accordingly will recommend hair care products. At your request, you take care of your hair at the hair salon.

You can in the time between visits to the hairdresser used for the treatment of dry and brittle hair good hair oil - but really only the quality that absorbed and leave the hair greasy the next day
Very good for hair masks can be applied every other day to slightly dry out your hair if you need a thorough recovery.
After each wash, you should use a rinse product, either from their own herbs (birch, nettle, chamomile - nourish hair and limit their hair), or choose from hair care to be the beer for a nice shine.

Sleep in a good quality mattress

Slats or substance?
Once you invest in a good quality mattress, definitely do not hesitate to snap up below or slats provide good ventilation and a better distribution of body weight on the mattress. Lath frames are cheaper, more comfortable then lamellar gratings.
Bed slats on battens are fixed (Late spring back), their number depends on the width of boards.
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Such a grid has at least fourteen to eighteen slats joined by two fabric strips to fix the gaps between the slats.
For the installation of slatted bed base are necessary mounting rails on the inside of the bed side.
Slats are flexible fins mounted on the frame. Suitable for all types of mattresses (increase their orthopedic properties) and can be designed as a fixed or adjustable slats. They are more expensive than lath bases, but provide a comfortable camp.
Solid lamellar structures have at least twenty-eight blades mounted in a swinging rubber or rubber bushings.
On the grid it is possible to set the stiffness of blades at least three zones - the shoulders, chest and thighs. These gratings are suitable for mattresses from the cold and lazy foam and latex mattresses.
Standard capacity is fixed grids from one hundred twenty to one hundred and thirty pounds. The optimum number of blades is twenty-eight, and you can choose the variant hinged grate, allowing access to storage spaces bedding.
Do you insist on comfort? Select a positioning grid
Flap positioning grids are not suitable for mattress shopping bag, or for mattresses and spring mattresses with solid coconut plate.



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