pendicitis is inflammation of the appendix.

Stomach pain that does not matter? Learn the symptoms and causes of appendicitis
Appendicitis is a condition characterized by inflammation of the appendix.
Though mild cases of appendicitis may resolve without treatment, most require removal of the inflamed appendix through lap roomy or laparoscopy. If there is no treatment mortality is high, mainly due to peritonitis and shock when the inflamed appendix ruptures.
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Causes of appendicitis are possible that fecal material is hosted in the appendix, causing bacterial infection, which can cause appendicitis.
If the condition is left untreated, the appendix can become gangrenous and eventually rupture, causing peritonitis, septicemia and eventually death.
Symptoms of appendicitis pain usually begin in Appendix centrally (per umbilical) before locating the (part of the abdomen below right) right iliac fosse.

There is often anorexia (loss of apHealth ite) associated. Fever is usually present. Nausea, vomiting and diarrhea may or may not happen.
Treatment of Appendicitis
Treatment Appendicitis can be done by removing the appendix for a surgical procedure called appendectomy (also known as appendectomy).

Antibiotics are usually administered intravenously to help kill the remaining bacteria and thus reduce inflammation.
Most patients with appendicitis easily recover from treatment. However, complications can occur if treatment is delayed or if peritonitis occurs

Patients with symptoms that have gastritis

We can conclude, therefore, that the diagnosis of gastritis cannot be given only on the basis of symptoms.
There are many patients with symptoms that have gastritis, and there are others with little or no symptoms that can be ignited around the stomach.

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The intensity of symptoms is also not a good predictor of severity of gastritis.
Having too much or too little stomach pain does not mean that gastritis is more or less severe.
There are patients with erosive gastritis and ulcers that relate little pain and there are people with very strong symptoms, which have little or no inflammation of the stomach when they do the endoscopy.

Erosive gastritis in severe when there is bleeding from the stomach, the patient can present well black feces, pasty and very strong odor.

These feces, Melina calls are composed of digested blood that passed through the gastrointestinal tract. In older patients, anemia and gastrointestinal bleeding sometimes are the only symptoms of a severe gastritis.
If gastric bleeding is too large, the patient may have bloody vomiting.
More severe chaos, however, are the minority. In most patients, gastritis is a lightweight framework which can be easily treated with medication and changes in life habits.
Avoid very large meals.
The idea is to eat less, but more frequently (5 or 6 times per day) to avoid leaving an empty stomach for many hours. If you have heartburn, avoid lying down soon

The treatment of hypertension

Put the kettle on and so boil add remaining ingredients. Smother for a few minutes, strain and drink between meals. If desired, sweeten the tea with a teaspoon of honey.
Other teas for the treatment of hypertension
Lettuce Tea calms enough. Drink two cups a day;
Tea peel potatoes. Boil the peels of 5 English potatoes for 20 minutes over low, heat strain and drink two cups a day;
Tea crumb chayote. Drink a cup every three hours.
However, treatment is available and needs to be well monitored to avoid complications. It may possibly be cured when it is secondary.

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Should not stop taking medication without doctor's guidance
It is common that when high pressure is controlled, the person stop taking the medicine by imagining you are cured.
This causes the pressure to get high returns again with all its serious consequences.
Know that stress can raise blood pressure.
Physical activity, relaxation techniques, psychotherapy can help control stress and blood pressure;

Do not stop using the medication or decrease the dose on your own. Follow the directions of your doctor and take the medications strictly the prescribed times;
Measure blood pressure regularly and note the values for which your doctor can evaluate the effectiveness of treatment;

Your health and well being

Money in us can give rise to addiction. Many times it happens that the more complex the money you earn, the more we appreciate them and the more we desire to reproduce, thus investing.
The financial market is paying almost without exception the law: the higher the possibility of return, the higher the risk incurred automatically.

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Rule number two is saying: the more work we can make money and the more money we need to bare survival, the less we can afford to take risks and we must be content with a smaller yield.
Counseling as a game with a gun
Money is sexy. As such, attaches himself to all sorts of suspicious existence, wishing to capitalize on our money.
Council, where to invest, belongs to the mouth of the holder of the certificate, which proves to us that the person concerned knows something about finance.
So rule number three is clear: Do not give advice only from someone who knows what they're talking about. And especially from someone who demonstrates their competence by us discuss in detail our financial situation and risk appetite.

Finally, money is also being allowed to eat and dissolve if we invest poorly, or to take care of us in old age and survivors generations if we invest wisely.
It is quite reasonable to invest in one or two properties.
In that one we live alone, we are in the age avoid having to pay rent. And the other, if financially able, you can get just as a store of value.

Psychologist and trainer advice

What do you need for happiness? He advises financiers, psychologist and trainer
Each product is covered by a warranty period, the feeling of happiness to us but unfortunately nobody gives any guarantee.
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Therefore, we interviewed five experts on how his happiness lay a solid foundation.
How do you create a secure financial background, clean up in your mind, be in shape and healthy and do something for their beauty.
Win the lottery probably most of us misses as well as wealth thanks to money inherited from her uncle
Concepts such as inflation, deficit, and macroeconomic indicators are unknown to most of us, yet it is through imaginary money market successfully pass feeling good investment, and without the fear aroused by your very existence.
Money is the gift look, of course. As something that stays with us forever. In 2007, the economy grew ion 8% per annum. Employees and employers chose to dictate wages.
The government paid huge Childbirth or state contributions to building savings...
Then one day we woke up in the news we hear about global collapse of Lehman Brothers and there was a crisis. Today, nearly one in ten unemployed, social benefits are scratched and new loan banks think twice three times.
The principle is: for each household member, let us have saved at least one average salary and let us have the money saved somewhere so that we they could get in a week.

the skin tone is important for the choice of the Foundation

Skin Tone - Also, the skin tone is important for the choice of the Foundation. The skin colors are divided into six skin types: Type 1 is very light-skinned and has light blond or red hair. Type 2 also has fair skin; the hair is blonde or light brown. The vast majority of Germans is of type 3 with medium skin color as well as dark or light brown hair, sometimes dark blond.
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Mediterranean type - The Mediterranean type (type 4) has a brown skin and dark hair. The dark skin types 5 and 6 are, for example from the Arab countries or from Africa. Differ within the Type 3 makeup artists then between yellow and reddish complexion. The rule of thumb here: Who gets a bronze brown skin in the summer, has a reddish complexion, which developed a tan that goes into the copper-colored rather, has a yellowish skin tone.
Mixture - "Most of complexion is a mix," explains the make-up artist Horst Kirchberger from Munich. Whether the nuance of the Foundation actually harmonizes with your own skin, is best seen on the neck or on the inside of the forearm in daylight.
For some time making with the BB Cream Foundation a new generation of a sensation, the abbreviation stands for "Blemish Balm". "Blemish" in English means blemish. Cream is a genuine all-rounder: Extremely fine particles of silicone smooth the complexion and refine pores.

the study of stress shows

In the study of stress shows how much interlocking professional and personal spheres. This can be a problem, and the study clearly shows that get the job done, by the way lead an exciting social life, possibly raising a few kids and get the whole thing so under a hat that all parties are satisfied, including the own person. Who had it not been stressed? Good thing the study once again points out.

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In the end though one remains perplexed, because surveys are from trends, but give no behavioral tips, the people should do that you. Again, more work, you might think or a good opportunity to question his behavior. How do I deal with stress? Do I have the ability to reduce stress? Do I need to actually meet everyone and everything - complexity, this life?
Three Nut Chocolate deficient - Nut Chocolate is one of the most popular varieties in Germany. Stiftung Warentest has taken 26 chocolates under the microscope. The luxury brands Lindt, Feodora, Hachez and Swiss + Confisa lie in the test forward three chocolates, to the contrary from deficient.

Time enchanted smooth chocolate, sometimes crashing toasted hazelnuts - piece by piece a surprise. Nut Chocolate is one of the most popular types of chocolate of the Germans. Stiftung Warentest has examined 26 nut chocolates for the December issue of the magazine "test”: Nine doing well, ten and four satisfactory enough.

Society Health

Expertise, innovation and teamwork, combined with reliability and commitment - these are the ingredients for a successful cooperation. For us as an exhibition organizer, this means flexibility in thought and action as well as openness to new developments. Our secret of success: Precise concepts, strategic partnership working and dealing with customers and employees / inside.

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But that also means: an open, fair and trusting dialogue. In short: MCO, the customer is at the center. Here we also see the difference to large organizations. As a private, owner-managed company, we can just exist only through competence, creativity, flexibility and commitment.

These assets and the high demands on the quality of the individual activities and measures are, however, that ensure our success. Take advantage of it when it comes to your next event. Give us a call! A conversation is no substitute. Of success is the personal contact at trade fairs and congresses as well as in the cooperation with us.
Society Health - Life is pretty complicated. Out of sheer possibilities, but also requirements can suffer from vertigo. To let oneself not wrestle this is in our time certainly a challenge for everyone; complexity does work. Insofar as no surprise the results of stress-Study:

Many perceive their lives as more stressful than before, many see it in the job is the main cause, but many also concede by high demands on themselves the stress level. It is a mix of criticism of external circumstances and at its own behaviors.

Deficiency of sunlight disrupts the production of hormones

On why this is so, doctors have long been known. "In the autumn-winter period with the decline of the sentiment is facing a huge number of people - there is even a term" seasonal depression "(for middle and high latitudes is absolutely normal). The causes of this condition are covered in short photoperiod. Deficiency of sunlight disrupts the production of hormones, serotonin, melatonin, norepinephrine, and others.
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As a result of their lack of mood falls, deteriorating health, the person becomes more susceptible to infections. And in the cold people often catch cold, get sick with influenza, increasing the probability of allergic and other immune diseases - optimism most people it does not add. "

Meanwhile, not everyone is trying to counter the "elements", preferring to lie dormant until spring. If you do not want to waste time playing a bear, try to take the situation in hand. We must act on several fronts. First, to compensate for the lack of hormones with a balanced diet: the synthesis of serotonin promotes protein foods, milk, soybeans, tomatoes, figs, bananas, plums, figs and dark chocolate.

Secondly, get serious health concerns. "The basic principles of immune reconstitution - is a night's sleep for seven to eight hours and on schedule, as well as stress relief - by any means, who knows how, even with the help of embroidery cross. Chronic stress is recognized as the most important reason for the decline of immunity "- says allergist-immunologist, chief medical multidisciplinary medical center" Our Clinic ".

As henna affect the hair

As henna affect the hair - Suppose you found the most natural and correct dye in the world. Let's find out what you promise this meeting.
Recovery curls. Specialist beauty "Savannah" Natalia Lewkowicz says that the hair becomes smooth and continuous use of henna dandruff disappears.

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Care about nature. No chemicals, harmful production, preservatives and animal testing.
Saving money - This dye everyone can afford and much cheaper than any synthetics. Calculate profit for the year - a decent amount accumulates.
Cumulative effect - Get hooked on henna is conveniently color from time to time, becomes more intense, and the hair - thicker.
Lasting color - No shampoos, hair dryers and irons are not able to knock out of the rut henna that is out of the hair.
The struggle with seasonal depression - Lack of sunlight, cold and slush can bring to handle even the most vigorous and psychologically stable. This year I decided not to give up - and dived into the hole of seasonal depression with a noble goal: to understand how to get out of it.

I seem to have a child did not like the autumn-winter dusk. And they deserve. "The longest night there in December, so this month is the peak of psychological disorders, and often, and infectious diseases," - says the doctor of the highest category, an allergist-immunologist GKB number 29 it NE Bauman Irina Tokarev.

Nourishes the skin of the whole body

If you can, relax
Ideally Combine business with pleasure - enjoy a bath with a moisturizing agent, nourishing shower gel and body lotion in the shower.
While nourishes the skin of the whole body from the outside, you relax, and help to its internal regeneration.

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"When you're exhausted, because the nutrients penetrate into the deeper layers of the skin much more difficult
Moreover Stress hormones weaken the protective barrier of the skin, this will be irritated and dry," says dermatologist Yvonne Berger from BCD Clinic.
Around 2% of all power to women then makes surgery Labia pasty or labia.
For men, the second most popular surgery Otoplasty (correction of the position of the ears), followed by women as well as liposuction
Ranking the top performance in men concluded gynecomastia male breast modeling. Less popular with men enjoying nose surgery, circumcision, and face-lift
"The aesthetic plastic surgery is traditionally most interested adjustments in the face, parts of which represent sexual attractiveness.
Many women and men currently put higher demands on appearance. Reason the development of social life, changes in professional and private needs and most importantly feeling greater confidence and a healthy self-esteem, which is derived from the belief in easier and success, as well as a feeling of total satisfaction, "commented the results of President Society of Aesthetic Surgery Margaret Dubcek.

When the skin reduces the production of lipids

"When the outdoor temperature falls below 8 ° C, the sebaceous glands in the skin reduces the production of lipids to a minimum," explains Monika
Therefore, it argues, should be used in freezing weather greasy, nourishing and protective skin cream, of course, with regard to skin type. "Denser creams generally protects the skin from cold and better maintain skin moisture," he adds.
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Pay attention to hands and lips
Red lip area no sebaceous or sweat glands does not, and therefore suffer during the winter, says dermatologist.
Make desiccated and cracked, it is argued it can be avoided easily, "Nourishing lip balm should be part of every lady's handbag." We add that the fragrant and tasty lip balm is easy in winter to create a healthy addiction.
The approaching winter calls for change - not just in the closet, but also in everyday skin care.
Nourishing shower gel Winter Care, Dove, 250 ml for 69.90 USD
Nourishing body lotion in the shower Use it to shower gel and well ...Regeneration bath additive, goat whey. No worries, smells very...
"In winter hands frequently observed over-dried and cracked spines. Someone also cracking of the skin around your nails, and gives rise to painful fissures," stated Monika
Her advice is to use moisturizing creams and preventive expose to freezing hands.
Once cooled, consistently wear gloves . Touch screen phones will have to wait.

Quick-drying varnishes dry up even faster

Quick-drying varnishes dry up even faster! Bottle of varnish always carefully
A buy it rather frequently and in a smaller package.
Lipsticks and glosses have a shelf life of up to half a year to 3 years. The higher the fat content, and contain the greater are caring effect, the shorter the lifetime.
Ingredients may gradually become rancid. If lipstick and dry is high time to put an end to it and buy a new one.
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Gloss applicator has a disadvantage in that in it during its application receiving debris.
So you had it and after six months to replace. Lipsticks and glosses always close the well and store the dry, cold and dark.
Good advice above gold:
The ideal storage conditions for cosmetics are between 15-20 ° C. Cosmetic preparations certainly not in the box with built-in electric light - the light bulb is quite a lot of heat.

Always store your cosmetics away from direct sunlight and all the boxes, tubes and vials tightly. To extend their shelf life
The little-used products or products with a long life can just barely remember when you open it. It is ideal to make a note on the product the date when you first used it. This will help you in deciding on disposal :-)
It sure is a beauty product in order, you will know just by looking and mostly by smell. If its color and consistency changes, or starts to smell unattractive, do not use it and replace it with a new one.
Never in any cosmetic product, do not add any liquid, if you do not request the manufacturer instructions.

autumn preparation for snow and frost

Winter hair does not indicate - take care of them today
Summer is long gone, and our hair waiting for winter - it does not benefit them or a little more than heat and sunstroke. And autumn is the time when his mane for something you can do to make it to spring not only beautiful to look at, but also healthy.
Winter hair does not indicate - take care of them today
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Autumn preparation for snow and frost
If you have not yet gotten to it, it's time to do something (in hair care, the same rules for women as for men).
Summer sun dried hair, rinse in salt or pool water treated with chlorine is also, and the result is dull, limp hair with split ends.
Worse on it is wavy hair, which spawns more of them than the smooth, straight.
Often they appear as dandruff, hair break and at best, despite all efforts are "only" and flying around his head in all directions.
If you go to the hairdresser regularly, it will not fall regeneration of hair no problem: expert knows what type of hair you have, and accordingly will recommend hair care products. At your request, you take care of your hair at the hair salon.

You can in the time between visits to the hairdresser used for the treatment of dry and brittle hair good hair oil - but really only the quality that absorbed and leave the hair greasy the next day
Very good for hair masks can be applied every other day to slightly dry out your hair if you need a thorough recovery.
After each wash, you should use a rinse product, either from their own herbs (birch, nettle, chamomile - nourish hair and limit their hair), or choose from hair care to be the beer for a nice shine.

Sleep in a good quality mattress

Slats or substance?
Once you invest in a good quality mattress, definitely do not hesitate to snap up below or slats provide good ventilation and a better distribution of body weight on the mattress. Lath frames are cheaper, more comfortable then lamellar gratings.
Bed slats on battens are fixed (Late spring back), their number depends on the width of boards.
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Such a grid has at least fourteen to eighteen slats joined by two fabric strips to fix the gaps between the slats.
For the installation of slatted bed base are necessary mounting rails on the inside of the bed side.
Slats are flexible fins mounted on the frame. Suitable for all types of mattresses (increase their orthopedic properties) and can be designed as a fixed or adjustable slats. They are more expensive than lath bases, but provide a comfortable camp.
Solid lamellar structures have at least twenty-eight blades mounted in a swinging rubber or rubber bushings.
On the grid it is possible to set the stiffness of blades at least three zones - the shoulders, chest and thighs. These gratings are suitable for mattresses from the cold and lazy foam and latex mattresses.
Standard capacity is fixed grids from one hundred twenty to one hundred and thirty pounds. The optimum number of blades is twenty-eight, and you can choose the variant hinged grate, allowing access to storage spaces bedding.
Do you insist on comfort? Select a positioning grid
Flap positioning grids are not suitable for mattress shopping bag, or for mattresses and spring mattresses with solid coconut plate.

Bike is in principle suitable for everyone

Who is eligible?
Bike is in principle suitable for everyone. Ride on it may even people with very overweight people after accidents or ill joints Suitable for older people to increase physical fitness.
Anyway, if you have any medical restrictions, it is good to ride the bike to consult a doctor.
How to train properly:
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Generally, it is good to start the bike freely and after a few minutes, add the load.
At the end of training should again take. Legs should not downright painful, but rather should be pleasantly tired. Exercise Bike is the perfect warm-up before the next exercise, exercise should last you at least thirty minutes.
Read the pedal is not particularly suitable for the reason that prevents proper posture, which in turn complicates breathing. Readers by Martina V breathe unnaturally, and the load is so much more difficult for them than meets the setting.
What to watch:
On the right posture, and therefore the proper execution of exercises Important is not the speed or size of the hill, but endure pedaling at least thirty minutes.
What muscles connecting? Who regularly pedaling, significantly strengthens leg muscles and overall shapes the legs and buttocks.
Ride the bike has a positive impact on the entire cardiovascular system. Minus the exercise bike is that when riding on it not strengthened the muscles of the upper body.

More and more obese patients to see surgery

More and more obese patients to see surgery as the last hope of an easier life, the number of interventions in obese people has achieved over the past year with the DAK health, a new high. Nationwide, 669 with gastric band surgery, gastric balloon or stomach stapling were settled at the box office, a spokesman in Hamburg said.
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"The trend is set to continue in 2013." Especially women, who do not get their weight despite diet and sports in the handle, put themselves under the knife accordingly. From 2008 to 2012, the number of interventions reported to have increased by 64 percent. Expenditure per year has more than doubled in that time - from 2 million in 2008 to 4.6 million euro, 2012. Also, the average cost of a surgical climbed significantly to the statistics: in 2008 the so-called falling cost of interventions was slightly less than 5000 euros in the first half of 2013 with almost 7500 Euros - an increase of 50 percent. As cause the insurance company sees the increasing number of complex interventions - such as when the stomach smaller and not only a gastric band are used as the spokesman said.

Procedures require lifelong follow-up care - Considerably overweight people carry not only a lot of weight around with them, but often have severe concomitant diseases such as diabetes or high blood pressure. Their life expectancy is therefore often lower.

Customized Fat Loss Program By Kyle Leon - Super short diet lasting two to three

Super short diet lasting two to three days you should hold, especially if you need to lose more than three kilograms. However, it is also an ideal start for prolonged gradual diet that lets you lose weight at a slower pace and greater amounts of fat. Prepare, therefore, for the weekend, which will herald a spirit of light meals, tasty drinks and especially relaxation and light exercise. Is This Program a Kyle Leon Scam?

Weight loss would not be for your body or mental stress, but pleasant activity. However, do something nice from losing weight?
Merry tune - It takes a positive attitude. Only with him because you can effectively shed pounds and feel amazing. Your order will be after the weekend to the lowest possible number, which can conjure up your home weight but feel good about your body, which will be energized to operate more efficiently and burned more energy.
At first glance one can doubt the effectiveness of short-term diet, but if it can handle, it will only start to a healthier lifestyle, which eventually may bring subtle, but very enjoyable weight loss.
Weight Loss in fact begins in the head, so when you switch to lightweight mode, you have won half!
The basis weekend diets relieve your indigestion. If you can, start to the weekend already prepared a day in advance and enjoy a light lunch or dinner is ideal vegetable salad with tuna or cheese. Throughout the day, avoid sweets, sugary drinks and alcohol

If you have the flu

Do you have flu, you should not exercise. Your body needs to be better again so do not waste a lot of energy to power sports. Flank move with flu slows your recovery only and your athletic performance will be disappointing.

Kyle Leon the most professional fitness experts
It is a myth that you move with the fever out sweat, training with fever is even dangerous. It can cause an infection of the heart muscle ( my cordites ) that can lead to heart failure and arrhythmias. Please if you get well double the number of days you had a fever rest. After three days of fever, you may just six days without sports.
Put the neck check
Not sure yet? Do the "neck check". Do you only symptoms above the neck, such as a runny or stuffy nose, sore throat, headache and earache? Sports are not a problem.
Do you have symptoms under your neck, for example, suffer from coughing, shortness of breath, wheezing, fever and muscle pain? Just not sports. You regularly use a heart rate monitor; you can also give it a good indication. Is your increased heart rate at rest, then train inadvisable?

To the doctor
Many people find it difficult to talk about. Accidental stool loss they feel ashamed for it. Yet it is important to discuss. Complaints with your GP The doctor may examine the anus (DRE) and may refer you to a gastroenterologist or hematologist internist. In the hospital, the grip strength of the anus are measured (manometer) and can damage the anus are detected (MRI or endow-anal ultrasound).

13. Flu or cold

Flu or cold
Are you still cold or flu? Or exercising a sensible option depends on what exactly you get the members. Colds and flu are sometimes lumped together, but they are essentially different ailments.
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A cold get by infection with one of the many cold viruses. This causes an inflammation of the mucous membranes in your nose, sinuses and throat. This will give you sore throat, nasal congestion and too much snot and suffer from sneezing and coughing. You can also headache; muscle pain and increase up to 38 degrees Celsius, and you do not feel so fit. After about a week you'll be fine.
Flu get a dangerous virus, the influenza viruses, and gives serious illness. Usually you get a sudden fever above 38 degrees Celsius. Within 12 hours, the fever up to 39 degrees. You feel very ill, get chills, sore throat, headache and muscle in your entire body. The fever and pain disappear after a day or three, four, but you cannot feel a few weeks quite 100 percent.

Fever dangerous
With a cold, you may just sports. Sometimes your nose thereby open and you feel a little better. Do the first days a little slow? If necessary, a painkiller for headaches Cold leads you into a sinus infection or bronchitis , then sports not recommended.

Proper Eye Care

And low-fat products can be extremely powerful and effective skin and be of help:
View can touch, laugh, mourn, love, seduce, listen, observe, judge, angry. Part of your face, which reflects so much, has been and remains zones entry into the world of life, but also zones through which we release the past, the tears flowed and washed sorrows or celebrate the joy and relief.

see here what he exposed

Therefore it is essential to guard them, and to offer a better view of it is important and how to fight against wrinkles and dark circles.
Opening and folding shutters is sometimes enough to take us on a journey , to protect us or surprise, and it was that our window into the world of his face which consciously or unconsciously devote most attention.
Looking back:

The most beautiful, happy and smiling people, but there are times when we simply cannot go laughing. Just then, why cannot every day, not a bad idea to resort to a little help from products that were created inspired by nature and designed the knowledge and experience of the wise woman of the last century, but also chemists, beauticians homeopathic doctor and anthroposophist . Help from Nature for a little more fresh-faced little more of that something that retains the looks on our face when we smiles shyly hiding , will be welcome.
Wrinkles around the eyes or wrinkles big laughing notice quite early because the eye area has fewer sebaceous glands secrete less sebum (natural oils) so therefore this area is less and less "lubricated". Reducing the amount of sebum to "help" the loss of moisture and reduced synthesis of collagen open the way toward " faldanju "skin and is helpful in maintaining the natural functions of the skin is of great benefit.

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What Is Pinching The Eye?

Dark circles, puffy bags under the eyes, dry skin, itchy eyes, wrinkles around the eyes, red eyes may be due to or copies or indication of some imbalance in the body and a good guideline to do something, but also due to our lack of care for this sensitive area . I believe you've noticed that on a lot of creams and face masks can be read - Avoid the eye area. This is because the product contains ingredients that may irritate the mucous membranes of the eye, and that certainly is not pleasant, nor healthy.
secret tips revealed here

On the other hand, many women long to put something "strong" and effectively to the area around the eyes to what more fresh and youthful.
Low fat preparations which operate:
Often clients ask me what to inflict before bedtime on the eye area where the skin is very dry, especially when they decide to use a non-greasy night cream cosmetics. Rich in vegetable oils - apricot kernel oil, Jojoba oil, and beeswax and rosewater, mallow extracts, pineapple and marigold, are part of a rich palette of ingredients that can be found in products for daily care Eye balms, revitalizing and regenerative cream around the eyes.

Cleanser remains lean because even low-fat products can be extremely powerful and effective and will help your skin's own production of sebum that happens just at night. Dr. Hauschka regenerative serum, tonic or vials for night toning the absolute number one when it comes to their own production of sebum and moisture. These preparations by efficiency surpass many when it comes to the balance of the skin, including the eye area.
If you torture puffy bags under the eyes (due to work on the computer or crying), inflammation of the eyes, allergies or sty, bush soaked in a solution of covering the eyes based vidcam, chamomile, fennel, black tea and rose water, greatly reducing these symptoms and in a short time.

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How To Avoid Summer Intestinal Infections?

Food poisoning is best treated with biscuits and boiled vegetables:
In the summer months we can spoil the joy of intestinal infections, which may cause viruses (Rota, adeno, enter viruses) and bacteria (salmonella, shigella, campylobacter, E. coli and staphylococcus). To avoid food poisoning in summer do not eat sushi, eating with raw eggs and cheeses made from unpasteurized milk.

read what (add any name ) said

Another type of infection - viral infections, such enteroviroze, usually occurring among children and the most common route of transmission of the virus is through the mouth (fecal-oral route). However the most of the intestinal infections in the summer are caused by food poisoning. The most commonly bacterial food poisoning occurs in small outbreaks in a community or major outbreaks in institutions (hospitals, restaurants, hotels, kindergartens, retirement homes and school and university canteens).

Cause of diarrhea:
Another type of clostridia, Clostridium edificial is increasingly emerging as the cause of diarrhea, often as a side effect of antibiotics.
Besides these intestinal infections, gastrointestinal problems in the summer months can be a symptom of pre-existing diseases, and those diseases more specific for the summer months and frequent trips to this part of the year. These are called traveler’s diarrhea (traveler’s diarrhea) and sickness and motion sickness.
Diarrhea passenger’s is characteristic disease that occurs in people while traveling, especially in developing countries and tropical regions due to their specific lifestyle and climate. Diarrhea can occur at any time during the trip, and the main causes are contaminated food and water. The diarrhea usually resolves without consequence within the week.

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Symptoms Of Food Poisoning

Symptoms of food poisoning are common to most causes: fever, abdominal pain, vomiting and diarrhea. The most dangerous consequence is certainly dehydration or loss of fluids and electrolytes, which can be difficult, especially in young children and the elderly.
Food poisoning is mainly caused by bacteria. Thus, for example, the symptoms of infection with salmonella occur rapidly, 12 to 24 hours after eating contaminated food. In some people the infection can become chronic with that person become a source of infection for their environment.
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The main cause of staphylococcal food poisoning is non-compliance with hygiene measures when handling food with staphylococcus , with the skin or mucous membranes person who prepares the food, there is the food, and there secreted toxin resistant to heat and a short heat treatment. Gastrointestinal symptoms occur two to three hours after eating such foods. Body temperature with an infected person is usually not elevated, and the disease lasts about a day and do not stay consequences.
Let us mention the food poisoning bacteria of the genus Clostridia. It usually happens by eating contaminated meat and meat products. A particular problem is an infection by the bacterium Clostridium botulinum, which can be deadly! These bacteria produce so. botulinum toxin, and use extreme caution when eating improperly canned foods.

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Cognitive-Behavioral Therapy

What exactly is a cognitive-behavioral therapy?
very name cognitive-behavioral therapy is complicated enough as it is taken directly from the English language. The word'' cognitive'' refers to our thoughts and beliefs about ourselves, others and the future, while the'' behavioral'' refers to our behavior. So, it is a therapy that is focused on changing the way we think (and interpret things) and how we behave, all in order to feel better and function better in life. What does that mean specifically? Imagine for example, a man who was fired and eventually developed depressive symptoms.
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He could have very negative thoughts about yourself:'' What a miracle that I got fired when I was so inept. No one will hire me anymore. And I just charged.'' He and behaving in ways that it did not help: withdrawing from people and activities that had previously loved and does not take almost anything to find a new job. It pulls it all even deeper into the abyss of depression. Watch: realistic, not necessarily positive! Cannot be a man without a job say:'' Oh, you just think positive and everything will be fine,'' because he will be even worse. And these are'' recipes'' that can be found in magazines and superficial self-help books.

When we are overwhelmed by negative feelings we have a very narrow perspective: we see only the negative. Wise people always see the big picture of things, which includes both positive and negative aspects of the situation and because they are so balanced and happy. In the field of behavior is depressed man helps to gradually engage in useful activities for him, but there is an emphasis on a very small increments. Environment depressed often complicates things, telling them:'' Come depart somewhere, go to a party, looking for a job, you can do it.'' It would be like a man who broke his leg saying:'' Come run, you can do it.'' In general, the treatment of people through active and collaborative relationship with the therapist, with lots of support and compassion, learning to understand your problem and adopt a number of techniques to help himself to on his own and become your own therapist who will continue to know to cope with their problems and solve them, which certainly contributes to the long life of the results after this therapy.

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. How To Beat Depression?

One of the goals of cognitive therapy is to identify negative thoughts:
Find out all about cognitive-behavioral techniques, for which scientific research has confirmed that brings better and longer term results in combating depression than medication.

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How did the manual'' Beat depression cognitive-behavioral techniques''?
One of the reasons that prompted me to write the book is that in our country there were no such self-help manual based precisely on the cognitive-behavioral techniques. In Western countries, such books for a long time present, and in the UK for example, they are called'' prescription books'' i.e.'' books'' prescription. When you get there the man turned his family doctor for help, and he suspects that it could be about depression, anxiety or other emotional problems, the first step is the book for self- mastery of such states based not on cognitive-behavioral techniques.

Why to them? Because it is a whole series of studies confirmed that such books effective and health insurance does not want to cover the cost of what really does not work. Only if their book does not help, put them on a waiting list for psychotherapy and / or their prescribed medication. This prompted me to write a book in our language that can help people to independently go to fight with the states apathy, sadness, decreased energy, hopelessness, withdrawal from others that they, if you do not do something, I can take you deeper into depression. The book is to help those who are already involved in psychotherapy in order to progress faster and maintain the results achieved once therapy is completed.

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Facing Declining Mood? Try The Following

When faced with declining mood, apathy, hopelessness, sadness, anxiety and low energy, try the following:

exactly the techniques
Lowered mood and activation energy decreases, but the less we do, all of us up. Writes the hour you do and how you feel at the same time. At the end of the week based on that very gradually introduce more activities that are associated with better mood (eg chatting with a friend), and drop the ones of which you are worse off (lying in bed, aimlessly watching TV).
Good mood is related to physical activity, which stimulates the release of "happiness chemical" in the brain. Plan at least a 15-minute walk every day, you will gradually lengthen. It was hanging out, but with pleasant people. Delegate their pain closest and others talk about something unrelated to their condition that they would not have started avoided.

When you receive negative thoughts write them down on paper and tell you: Negative thoughts are the symptoms of depression as a symptom of the flu cough. Not to be trusted. When your mood a little better, negative thoughts that you wrote them and attempt to find a rational answer: Find evidence that these thoughts are not quite accurate, ask yourself what would you say well-meaning person, or ask her. Write it down and read it as often as possible to make your brain learned a new way of looking at problems. Especially watch out for self-critical minds: would anyone say so horrible things you say about yourself? With this you have to stop and learn to comfort yourself. Make a list of your good qualities, strengths, what you've achieved so far no matter how you felt fine. Regularly to daily read.
If you do not get better, get a book of self-help and / or contact an expert. If you have thoughts of suicide, be sure to visit a psychiatrist. Do not indulge in enormous suffering depression because it has been successfully treated. Do not trust your thoughts "To me, it will not help" because this is just a thought common symptom of depression, not the truth about you.

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Review On The Healthiest Way To Use Vitamins

Since research shows how important nutrients can be lost or destroyed by cooking, "the healthiest way of preparing" carrot is aimed at achieving the best taste while preserving the maximum of its vitamins, minerals and powerful antioxidants.
The healthiest way to prepare carrots: "Hello mate" for only 5 minutes:

exactly the techniques

in their quest for the healthiest way to prepare carrots, I examined every possible culinary method and found only 5 minutes' healthy steaming "provides the necessary moisture to become softer and to highlight her best flavor. Thus prepared carrot vibrant color, and contains the maximum amount of nutrients. Recipe step by step will show you how easy it is "healthy steaming.
How to avoid over cooking carrot: cook al dente:
One of the main reasons why people do not like cooked carrots is that it is often overcooked. The best is going to taste if you cook al dente. In addition, so cooked just enough to soften it and hemicelulozna cellulose fibers, thanks to which it is easier to digest, and the absorption of nutrients is improved. Remember that the fork cannot reliably check whether over.
Although robust vegetables, it is very important not to overcook it. I cook only 1-2 more than al dente, it will start to lose texture and flavor. When overcooked, it has a much lower nutritional value: it can lose up to 50 percent of certain nutrients.

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